If you are looking for a stump grinding and stump removal service in Dunwoody, Georgia then you’ve come to the right place! Stump Grinder Company has been serving Dunwoody, GA since 1998 and we’ve earned a reputation through the 100’s of 5-Star Reviews of being trusted, dependable, experienced, and affordable.

Our mission is simple – to provide homeowners “The Best Stump Grinding Services”. Our process is also simple – we are always available to give you our advice, feedback, and support to ensure your landscaping and home renovation projects are a success. Stump Grinder Company is a local, home based business out of Crabapple (Alpharetta), GA. We are licensed, insured, and bonded.

Safety is always a top concern and we take it seriously. In most cases 811 will need to be called to locate utility lines – electric, gas, internet – prior to any work be started. We are happy to assist you in this process and is a free service offered by Georgia 811.

Our pricing is determined by many factors but starts by measuring your stumps. Factors that determine price include “how deep do you want the stump to be ground?”, “how high is the stump from the ground?”, and “how far do the roots extend from the stump?”. Often times we can provide a ballpark estimate over the phone by sending us a picture of the stump through a text message. Contact us to Request a Quote for your next stump grinding project.

Recent Stump Grinding Projects

Please take a moment to view some of our stump grinding projects in Dunwoody, Georgia. We take pride in our stump grinding services and work to satisfy your landscaping and home renovation needs. Thank you!

New Fence in Dunwoody, GA

Dunwoody New Fence Installation

A Dunwoody, GA homeowner was on the final part of a major house and yard renovation. This large pine stump was the last thing in his way to installing a new fence. We recommend removing the entire stump in this case so there aren’t future issues installing a fence post. We work to do all…

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Utility Trailer Parking Pad in Dunwoody, GA

Utility Trailer Parking Pad in Dunwoody, GA

The only thing between this Dunwoody, Georgia homeowner and his new utility trailer parking pad was a 9+ foot oak stump. Another requirement was grinding roots so the gate door would open freely. Stump Grinder Company has the experience to handle any size stump! Contact us to help with any stump grinding project in Dunwoody,…

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Case of “Don’t Know” in Dunwoody

Case of "Don't Know" in Dunwoody

A true mystery to Stump Grinder Company and the homeowner! For 15+ years this Dunwoody, GA homeowner had Kudzu, English Ivy, and Poison Ivy covering a lower portion of his front yard. He finally did something about it and had it all removed. What remained was two “mystery” mounds. He said there were stumps under…

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