Take a look at deck post and fence installation projects that Stump Grinder Company has recently completed. All projects are different and present unique solutions. We listen to what your project requires and work with you to make the right decision. When preparing a fence or deck post for concrete we will work to fully remove a stump and its roots to avoid any limitations like location or weakening the integrity of the concrete. Contact Stump Grinder Company to help with your deck post and fence installation projects.

New Fence in Dunwoody, GA

Dunwoody New Fence Installation

A Dunwoody, GA homeowner was on the final part of a major house and yard renovation. This large pine stump was the last thing in his way to installing a new fence. We recommend removing the entire stump in this case so there aren’t future issues installing a fence post. We work to do all…

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Stump Removal for New Fence in Alpharetta GA

Stump Removal Alpharetta GA

An Alpharetta, GA homeowner contacted Stump Grinder Company because they needed help removing a stump so they could replace their aging fence. This project was a challenge due to the location of the stump. This type of job is something we see often. We can grind stumps deep enough so a fence panel or post…

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Deck Post Support in Roswell, GA

Roswell GA Stump Grinding

A Roswell, GA homeowner contacted Stump Grinder Company because they needed help completing a deck renovation project. They extended the previous deck and realized their Empress tree stump was located directly under where a deck support post needed to be placed. The homeowner requested a full grind to remove 100% of the stump and the…

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