The above picture reflects an Incorrect measuring technique. Don't measure at the top of cut but at the stump's  base, any mounding around its base are roots just below the surface and need to be ground.  Note the picture below where the orange paint markings include the roots that need to be included in the grinding process. if you have any questions , I have set , simple pricing and senior discount:  +  62 years young 10% off . 2 Over twelve  tree stumps 10% off.3. Blown over large "storm"  stumps and legacy tree stumps with large surface  root flare&  over 48" of solid stump extra cost ...view these on our Blog page.......note we accept check or cash only.  For help or questions call 770-378-0295

Final Result After Clearing Extensive Root Flare

This customer had Pike's crew out the same day and his project turned  out great.  This stump mass was over 60" diameter.... couldn't tell by this picture...completed May 18, 2017